A lot of businesses spend lots of money and effort on advertising and promotion to try to get customers.

Well, what we do is sit down with those businesses, help them define their marketing objectives, and then executes the marketing strategy for them so they can generate more business with less marketing expense.

We know how important your business is to you. We take a very "hands ON" approach, making sure your marketing investment is working for you to achieve your objectives in the most cost-effective approach.

In the marketing world, it is essential to always pay attention to the details from a daily social post to an annual marketing plan. At African Product Warehouse we’ve found that getting the little things right and going the extra mile for clients and their consumers sets us apart from competition.

Marketing campaigns are meant to boost the image and reputation of a brand in the eyes of the targeted audience, but failure to concentrate on the details when developing a plan can have the exact opposite impact. As a company  we strive to always be on point at all phases of strategic creation and executions.

Some details to pay attention to are obvious, such as timing a campaign in such a way that relates to the audience, while others will present more challenges and may not be as obvious. We’ve found the smallest details, such as using a singular font continuously throughout multiple campaigns, will create significantly better brand recognition for clients.Details are important in all communications.  For optimal communication results we recommend focusing on the following point

  • Metrics.  At African Product Warehouse, we always ensure that our communication efforts are measurable. Establishing key communications goals allows us to put effective systems in place to chart our clients’ success.
  • Personalities. Sharing details about the personality of a business may put them in a good light with their target audience. We’ve found providing the media with our clients’ community involvement results in significantly larger exposure.
  • Disclaimers. It’s essential to always share what consumers will expect.  Sharing detailed information about an event or promotion helps insure that all attendees are satisfied with their experience.
  • The 5Ws. Every communications specialist knows the 5Ws by heart: Who, What, When, Where and Why. We keep these questions top-of-mind and always provide as much of this information as possible.

It is important to take time to listen carefully to clients, while also observing customer interactions on a regular basis. At African Product Warehouse, we’ve found the smallest details add up to be the largest impressions.